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Wooden Bridge Forest Management Plan

At Wooden Bridge Trading Co., we have developed a sustainable yield forestry management plan that has been approved by the Nicaraguan Dept of Forestry (INAFOR). The area covered by this plan is 2,000 hectares (or about 5,000 acres), located in the Miskito Indian community of Esperanza on the Rio Grande de Matagalpa, in the Region Autonimo de la Costa Atlantica (RAAS).

This region as well as a region to the north called RAAN were both granted autonomous status by the Nicaraguan Central government. Unfortunately, that means these areas do not have many government resources to rely on. Both the RAAS and RAAN areas remain desperately poor. The Esperanza community, for instance, has no power or phone service and is accessible only by water.

Logging has a long - if not proud - history in the region. The Esperanza natives have been exploited by both foreigners and Nicaraguans from the Pacific Coast promising much and delivering little, except for devastated forest land.

Wooden Bridge Trading Co. hopes to help change that. We've been working with INAFOR for over a year establishing the Kung Kuncito management plan. We are working so that this plan becomes an example of how a management plan should be developed and executed.

In order to truly be sustainable, a forestry management plan must take the following elements into account:
  • The forest itself and selection of the species and individual trees that will be harvested
  • Access in and out of the forest
  • How and where the paths for log extraction are made
  • Environmental concerns to the waterways, the forest, and surrounding lands
  • Sociological impact on the area residents
We are proud of this plan, and are eager to discuss it with interested parties. Our hope is that this type of sustainable yield forestry management plan could be extended to other areas in the RAAN and RAAS region. For additional and more specific information regarding the management plan please contact us.
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