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Working With Us

At Wooden Bridge Trading, we cater to your individual desires. Our doors and windows are hand-built one at a time, custom made to fit your needs. We have established a proven process that help ensures a satisfactory and timely result for you while ensuring we have all the information that we need to make your project a perfect one.

Our first consultation begins in the design phase, where our extensive experience in innovative solutions can help streamline the process to make the reality of custom work cost effective.

Please feel free to call or fax our Design & Sales Office or any of our representatives. We love our work, and are happy to discuss your project and help with any design, specification or code compliance consideration for your project.

Over the course of the past 13 years, Wooden Bridge has provided doors, windows, shutters and custom work for projects throughout the Caribbean and Central America. We are happy to provide references or put you in touch with some of our many satisfied customers. Those references or contacts are available upon request.
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